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“Violations like this not only deprive workers of money they need to meet their living expenses, they also undercut law-abiding employers who pay their workers legally and play by the rules.

(d/b/a Eagle Solar), and Applied Solar, LLC on behalf of persons who own properties in California with certain building integrated photovoltaic (“BIPV”) solar tiles manufactured and sold as “Solar Save” and “Solar Blend” 34 Watt solar panels. The class-action lawsuit alleged that the 34 Watt “Solar Save” and “Solar Blend” roofing tiles are defective and must be removed and/or replaced.The investigation disclosed that United Plastics and its principals were aware that ASI Group workers at the Massachusetts and Mississippi United Plastics plants were not being paid proper overtime.United Plastics and ASI Staffing also failed to maintain legally required records of the number of hours worked by the employees and the rates at which they were paid.The lawsuit claims these Solar Tiles are defective and could possibly pose a fire risk.Birka-White Law Offices and co-counsel represented plaintiffs in this class action lawsuit.Unlike banks and thrifts, credit union member deposits are insured up to 0,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the federal government, or by American Mutual Share Insurance Corporation (ASI), a private deposit insurance fund that operates in nine states. In the information that follows, credit unions insured by the NCUA are referred to as "federally insured" and credit unions insured by American Share are referred to as "privately insured." In general, the coverage provided members of federally insured credit unions is 0,000 per member, irrespective of how many accounts each member holds with a specific credit union; whereas, each depository account of a member at a privately insured credit union is insured to 0,000 -- irrespective of the number of depository accounts each member has with that privately insured credit union.


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