Dating for non drinkers

It’s just my side of the drinking story, and in our richly diverse society, it's worth hearing from the mocktailer.I tend not to go into bars, but I’m the one who rocks up to farewell drinks with an exit strategy then orders a virgin mojito.But even though I personally don’t like it, I appreciate that many people Laura Barcella for Your Tango | photo via flickr Single and sober?These are not high standards, but if you choose to accept them we might have a long and miserable relationship. Sounds very much like sharing a common cause but in reality it is because I need to stop drinking.Afterthought 1: Usually I outlasted most of these types. I need to say, hey, I’m a good boy if I can date a good girl.

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Oh, and no wetting the bed and no throwing things at me.

Plenty of people don't drink, and their sobriety is motivated by many factors -- from personal health goals to self-betterment challenges such as Drynuary and legitimate addiction concerns.

But what abstainers have in common, since dating so often involves alcohol, is that they present an appealing alternative to the over-served norm.

Looking back, I’ve had a few of these women, but I wasn’t serious about staying sober.

I hurt a really nice churchgoing good girl because I needed to go on a bender.


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