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And now, a photograph taken after his arrest for a crime spree that saw him convicted of three felonies - including first-degree robbery, second-degree kidnapping and unlawful use of a dangerous weapon - in 2002 has resurfaced.

Our vision was a unique place for customers to stop in for their coffee, tea, & exemplary espresso drinks, along with their favorite pastry, on the way to the rest of their day; we also created an ambience to encourage people to stay awhile.

A grisly mugshot from 20 years showing Portland's alleged white supremacist train killer after he was shot in the face during an attempted armed robbery has emerged.

In the picture, shared online by KPTV, Christian - who was 20 at the time - has long hair and a patchy beard.

But it's the mark on his right eye that draw attention, which was swollen shot after he was shot in the face by an officer who broke up his ill-fated robbery attempt.


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