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Meanwhile, on yet a third plot thread, immigrant laborer Pedro, who dreams of earning enough money to leave Japan and return to his young son and sexy wife, dies in a terrible construction accident caused by Excel.He must now roam the world alone as a ghost, at least until the Great Will of the Macrocosm encounters him and decides he's cute.Oké, ze sterft, maar ze wordt teruggehaald door de grote "Will". Haar baas, Ilpalazzo, vindt dit echter vervelend en schiet haar dwars door haar sodemieter.Hierna gaat ze meteen naar haar werk, ACROSS alwaar ze meteen hyperactief en druk en hyper doet. Natuurlijk is de grote "Will" weer bereid om haar terug te halen.As she undertakes missions intended to unravel the fabric of Japanese society so that ACROSS can step in and take over, Excel pines for her impressively Bishonen, and impressively eccentric, boss Il Palazzo, who spends most of his time when his minions are out on missions sitting around his headquarters playing dating sims or practicing on his guitar.Il Palazzo, on the other hand, views Excel as a necessary annoyance who is to be killed as required, or at least dropped through a Trap Door into an oubliette, when she gets out of hand.The anime series Excel Saga, is an adaption of the manga by Rikdo Koshi. The series ran for twenty-six episodes until its conclusion on March 30, 2000. Staff and directed by Shinichi Watanabe and premiered on TV Tokyo on October 7, 1999.

She's a small-brained but highly energetic Genki Girl who finds her ideal job serving as a minion to the mysterious Lord Il Palazzo, leader of the subversive yet ineffective fascist organization ACROSS.

In North America, ADV released the series on six DVDs between June 11, 2002 and April 8, 2003.

A complete collection of the series was released on July 6, 2004 as "Excel Saga - The Imperfect Collection" and re-released in different packaging on August 1, 2006 as "Excel Saga - Complete Collection".

She is in quick succession impossibly lucky and impossibly unlucky, but she never manages to complete a mission without help, and even her successes are usually attained by happenstance. She displays a schoolgirl crush towards Il Palazzo that borders on fanatic obsession, even going as far as to converse with a picture of him while home alone.

For an extended period of time in later volumes of the manga, Excel suffers from memory loss, and lives with the Shiouji family under the assumed name, Teriha Shiouji, while Ropponmatsu, disguised as Excel herself, takes her place in the ACROSS ranks. Lord Il Palazzo often prefaces his orders and speeches by proclaiming, "The world is corrupt!


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