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Maya Gottfried is the author of the acclaimed children’s books Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary and Good Dog.She has also written for print and online publications ranging from the Huffington Post to Lilith Magazine, often focusing on the topics of veganism and animal rights. [and her] deliciously incisive observations run throughout the book, making it a thoroughly enjoyable read . By commodifying our deepest emotions, Weigel shows how the 'experts' turned dating into a job requiring calculation and deception, but not much love. offer[ing] useful perspectives on dating as both an art and a historical construct." ―Julia M. [A] lively tour of changing romantic mores." ―The Economist"Much juicier than your average history book . Weigel’s book is both intense and lighthearted, by turns easy and surprising, offering momentary delights as well as subtle hints about the future. always show[ing] compellingly that the slippage between romantic and pecuniary matters is altogether nothing new." ―Sophie Lewis, Blindfield Journal"Labor of Love is remarkable at many levels: Formally, with its interweaving of theory, personal anecdote and social history. Weigel presents an insightful analysis of a topic that has largely been left to hucksters and scolds. [it] reads like a documentary about something you never knew could be so interesting." ―BUST "[A] smart, refreshing take on the history of dating." ―Publishers Weekly"Labor of Love makes its case as cheerfully as it does compellingly.Buri, who has been married many years to his high school sweetheart, noted, “There’s this idea of falling in love. To enforce his point, he noted a recent study that found that the more one dates “just for fun,” the more likely one is to have negative experiences while dating, and these experiences then tend to undermine marital success.

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He doesn’t want his readers to walk away from his book feeling too much pressure, however.

Maya has also worked in public relations for an international animal welfare organization. Vegan Love is a practical guide for single vegan women who are looking for love, but it’s also a means of support for those already in committed relationships.

She resides just outside New York City with her partner and their three adopted cats."The tool you need to navigate the world of vegan relationships . However, the deeper purpose of the book is key: It will help you develop the skills to give love, compassion, and respect on every level, and this will spill over into your romantic life." —PETA "Vegan Love is one of the most informative and knowledgeable books written on the subject of not only being vegan, but how to live vegan.

Rather, his advice for those embarking on their first couple of dates with someone is simple and straightforward: Take it easy.

Get to know the other person – ask a lot of questions and be a good listener.“We move in such an entertainment-focused culture that people who are dating very often simply go and get entertained together.


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