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My great grandmother's maiden name was bogdan Also the person whos is looking for relatives of George appel from the info I have he was born 1873 in chernowitz Bukovina and died in 1973 in grayson sask he married Susie bodgan and had johann anna and Rudolph so I don't know if this is the right appel looking forward to comments back thankyou [email protected], 12. We search Edgar Armbrster, he was born on in Jadowa. Auf e Mail-Anfragen bei der Bukowina Society gab es leider keine Antworten. Vor einigen Jahren konnte man noch im online-Shop diesen Zugang erwerben. Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschaft fr den Zugang zur Genealogischen Datenbank? Im hungarian, but ten years ago I live in this city. I had studies about migrations, minorities and the connections between the public libraries and the science of the informations. I search families in the Territory of the old Hungarian Kingdom, and in Transilvania, in Bukovina, in Moldova. Write me a letter and will found the lost or unknown family member! Sincerely, Istvan [email protected], 01. May 2014 -0700Hallo, meine Oma Frieda Pauline Dmann wurde 1924 in Eisenau als Tochter des Heinrich Dmann und der Emma Oberlnder geboren. Mikolay arrived in Canada in 1904 and his wife followed in 1905. They lived were born in earl grey saskatchewan farmed in the area before moving into the city of Regina. Simeon's wife,(My Grandmother was Anitza Dirda B 1887.Please help to find more about them, because he have a daugther wo wish to have more infos. [email protected]@verizon.net166.1Wednesday, 09. July 2014 -0700Looking for information on my great grandfather let left from Berlin to Brazil-Rio Negro/Mafra around 1889- his name was Albert Bornemann and his profession Florestal engineer .thehotherriots @ shaw.ca24.70.8.230Friday, 20. If anyone has more information, please let me know. e Mails an die Bukowina Society blieben leider bisher unbeantwortet. Vor einigen Jahren konnte man noch im online-Shop diesen Zugang erwerben. In these territories not only hungarian people were, but many nations too. Also an older brother Ivan Peacosh and wife Palina accompanied them. in the late 1950s I am interested in finding out more about our family from that part of the world. September 2013 -0700I have been trying to locate members of the Toma family in Bojan, Bukovina. and her brother was Dimentry B 1889 I can find nothing re the family before this.of Casimir & Margaretha Zyla Groom: Joseph Augustynski, 25 years, s.of Pauli & Marianna Luszowski Date: 11 November 1863, Otfinow Bride: Victoria Skutnicki, 21 years, d.Please contact me at; Gratia Hillier 60 Seedhouse Lane, Georgetown, Ontario. Wie gelangt man an eine einmalige Einjahresmitgliedschsft als Zugang zur privaten Genealogischen Datenbank? I think it s a good idea, if somebody knows and knowledgeable about the story of his (her) families. The address was [email protected] someone is who can help, I would be very happy. Maschinelle bersetzungapeacosh @ gmail.com99.199.9.161Saturday, 29. March 2014 -0800I am Andrew Peacosh, from British Columbia, Canada. My great grandparents immigrated to canada from Bukovina.

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